Anais Bijouterie is about love

Love for yourself, for life, for your uniqueness.

About Brand

Our brand is a confession of love for women, for their inner magic and power.

Ornaments from Anais Bijouterie is the embodiment of holiday luxury and classic elegance. Graphic openwork decoration and solemn, magnetic lightning of Swarovski crystals are permanent anjaw accessories from Anais Bijouterie. The author’s favorite materials are crystals, beads, pearls Swarovski and Japanese premium beaded beads.

Each item is a long time of graceful, impeccable and hard work from the heart to heart. Each item is a reminder to you that you are unique and very valuable to this world.

A collection of earrings - for those who can celebrate life

We took care that unpacking the jewelry items brings you special pleasure. Each jewelry piece is packed in elegant branded packaging and complemented with storage recommendations.

The designer and founder of ANAIS Bijouterie brand is Anastasiya Musiyaka. She has a degree of a graphic designer from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine. The distinctive feature of the jewelry created by Anastasia is brightness, large shapes, but still with a retained subtle elegance.